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Eau de Paris présente un système innovant


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With ConsoMIX, Smart City starts now !

Our Smart Kit is now internationally recognized as an innovative and inventive solution by an international patent.

The Smart Kit is a groundbreaking water drawing device made by ConsoMIX.

It is being deployed in the streets of Paris by the city’s public water utility Eau de Paris.

The Smart Kit is a new generation IOT which generates its own energy, thanks to nano turbines which convert water flow drawn from the supply network into electricity.

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The Smart Kit allows EAU DE PARIS' clients with temporary need for water, to securely draw water from each of the 11,000 fire hydrants of the city's water supply network. Examples of Smart Kit usage include construction sites, fairgrounds or festivals. 

When a client tries to use a fire hydrant, the Smart Kit automatically proceeds with verifications based on its own GPS position, and allows or denies access to water. EAU DE PARIS can remotely check in real-time which hydrants are being used by every client and how much water is being consumed. The Smart Kit removes the need for movements and saves EAU DE PARIS time and costs.

The Smart Kit greatly contributes to make the City greener and smarter. 

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The Smart Kit presented by Eau de Paris

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Présentation du Baby Smart Kit

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