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The E-Bike by ConsoMIX

The E-Bike by ConsoMIX is a static bike, indoor and outdoor, generating its own green energy with multiple functions.

Do sport  

Take care of yourself with the E-Bike by ConsoMIX. Whether in its bicycle or hand-bike version, the E-Bike allows you to practice sports on a regular basis. Being active is good for your health and well-being.

Recharge your phone  

Is your phone about to switch off due to a lack of battery? Don't panic, the E-Bike by ConsoMIX allows you to recharge it in a few minutes. The faster you pedal, the faster your phone will charge.

Useful pedaling  

The E-Bike by ConsoMIX also makes it possible to promote living together by supplying energy to common installations such as lighting or information panels. The E-Bike is an innovation at the service of all.

Preserve the environment  

The E-Bike by ConsoMIX produces 100% renewable energy and contributes to the fight against global warming and pollution. The E-Bike by ConsoMIX is eco-citizenship within everyone's reach.

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