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Nearly 20% of beds closed in hospitals for lack of staff

According to a flash survey conducted at the initiative of the Scientific Council at the beginning of October, around 20% of beds are closed in CHUs and CHRs due to a staff shortage. This phenomenon of bed scarcity severely penalizes patients. Frédéric Valletoux, president of the Board of Directors of the Hospital Federation of France, speaks of a worse situation than it has ever been.

Until measures allowing an increase in hospital staff are implemented and bear fruit, effective management of hospital beds is essential in order to allow a greater number of patients to access the available beds.


This is why ConsoMIX launches ROOM PATROL

Room Patrol is a system for optimizing the management of hospital beds, which allows  to increase by 20% the number of patients admitted to a hospital establishment , by means of connected objects fixed on the beds. As soon as it is put into service, each connected object "Plug & Play" immediately reports the occupancy status of the bed to which it is attached. It is then possible to view  in real time , on a secure SaaS platform, the beds available within an establishment and to receive email or SMS alerts each time a bed changes status. This helps to minimize hospital bed refurbishment time and improve patient turnover.

Room Patrol thus makes it possible to streamline hospital services and reduce the stress of extremely stressed hospital teams.

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